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If it is up to us, it will be skirt day every day! Skirts are suitable to wear all year round and come in all materials, colors, and lengths. In the winter you wear them with nice tights and in the summer with bare legs. Your curves are beautifully visible in a skirt and therefore make you feel extra feminine. Do we need to say more? A skirt is simply a perfect item to have.

With a skirt you express yourself in countless ways, so buy all your favorite models. For a cool yet feminine look, choose a leather-look skirt. The denim skirt is the ultimate item for a festival or a day out and with formal skirts, you make an overwhelmingly professional impression in the business world.


A skirt from ChicaBebo suits every moment, every season, and every style! We have an extensive collection of skirts and something for everyone. Our affordable collection is supplemented weekly with the latest trendy skirts. You can wear a skirt all year round and come in all kinds of materials, colors and lengths. In winter you wear a skirt with tights and in summer with bare legs. You can combine a pleated skirt with heels for a chic look or with sneakers for a casual look. Are you going for a mini skirt or a maxi skirt? One skirt is clearly not the other. A leather skirt with a basic top can suit you just as well as a sexy red skirt with a pair of pumps. Or not, because you are more into the prints or the denim skirt.


Every woman can wear what she feels good in and that means that we have a suitable skirt for everyone. With us, you will find mini skirts, midi skirts, and maxi skirts. What do you choose? There are so many models that it is difficult to make a choice. For example, you can wear a casual skirt when you go shopping and a long skirt is perfect for work. Whatever you go for – cotton skirts, maxi skirts, denim skirts – wear it with the right shoes and your legs will come out beautifully! That way you can come out for the day.


How beautiful is a skirt with a print! Ideal for the summer or at a party. Do you stay true to the skirt with leopard print or is a skirt with flower print more something for you? Both are easy to combine with both sandals and boots. Complete your outfit with minimalist accessories and a simple T-shirt.

So many types of skirts call for different colors and we don’t mind that at all! Colors give you that wonderful, summery feeling. Play with colors in your clothes and brighten up your outfit. At ChicaBebo you will find ladies’ skirts with cheerful prints and colors. Find out what’s in between for you.


Combine the perfect pleated skirt or pencil skirt for work with a jacket and classic shirt. Also festive formal is accessible to skirts. A cocktail doesn’t have to be a dress, but can also be worn in a festive skirt with an elegant top. The choice is yours!


A tight sequin mini skirt is great for a night out and with a wrap skirt you’re all set for a summer picnic. Combine a tight pencil skirt with a crop top and ballet flats. Wear a knee-length, loose fit with turtleneck and high-heeled boots. In short, with our women’s skirts you can go in any direction. And let’s not forget the denim skirt, aka the denim skirt. Nowhere as popular as in the Netherlands. The denim skirt combines femininity with the cool look of denim.


It is of course important when buying a skirt that you feel comfortable in it. That is why you will find an extensive collection of skirts at ChicaBebo: long, short, wide, tight, high waist, low waist, uni, printed. With A-line skirts, a tulle skirt, a black long skirt or pencil skirts or you can create a fantastic feminine look and emphasize your figure